Uplifting Stories

Stories abound at Brother Benno’s.  Many of our volunteers believe in miracles because they’ve seen the strength of the human spirit, when someone cares enough to reach out and love people back to emotional and spiritual health.

Men and women in our Recovery Programs build new, productive lives against seemingly impossible odds. The working poor are able to keep their families together because of our supplementary food packs, rent and utility assistance, or help with school supplies or prescriptions. Homeless families get the hand-up they need to move back into the mainstream of society.

Yvonne & Danny’s Story

Yvonne and her son Danny had to live in their car while they waited for Yvonne’s disability checks to start coming and her Section 8 housing approval to be final. They came to the Center for breakfast and for help with some of their dire needs. Then the police stopped her for an expired car registration, and her car was taken away. An officer brought them to Brother Benno’s, where they were given a voucher for a few nights’ stay at a motel. Yvonne found an apartment and enrolled Danny in school, and a volunteer at Brother Benno’s was able to speed up the approval process for them. She also saw to it that their apartment was furnished with donations from Brother Benno donors.

Frank’s Story

Frank, a father of two, fell apart when he and his wife separated. For three years he wandered around in a daze, unable to recover his balance. He came to the Center “looking like a lost boy.” When he told Kay Kutler  that it was his son’s birthday, she went into the kitchen and came back with a birthday cake complete with candles. Everyone sang Happy Birthday, which touched Frank so much that he called his estranged wife in Ohio. She said she was happy to hear from him. A few days later, she sent him a ticket to come home, $200 for expenses, and a note saying she wanted to try again. Frank returned home to his family.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah, in her late 50′s, was living in her car with her two dogs. An accident totaled her car and left her with a broken foot. She was able to move into Brother Benno’s House of Martha, Ann, Mary, and Ida (MAMI), where she had time to reassess her life in a safe and loving environment. Eventually she reunited with her dogs and moved back to the East Coast, where friends helped her get back on her feet.

Jon’s Story

Jon, by his own admission, had a huge problem with alcohol, and he saw no way out of his misery. With the help of Brother Benno’s Recovery Program, Jon was able to finish school, start a career, get a good solid grasp on his sobriety, learn how to be a responsible member of society, and most of all gain back his self-respect. He now sponsors others in AA as a way of giving back to those who helped him.