Our Mission

Brother Benno’s is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We are nondenominational and have been committed to serving the poor and homeless in San Diego North County since 1983. We started as a soup kitchen, but we have expanded our services tremendously over the years.

The goals of the Brother Benno Foundation are to see that, within the limits of our resources, no one in our area goes hungry, no one goes without shelter or clothing, and most importantly, no one goes without someone to care for him or her.  We also strive to help our guests attain self-sufficiency.

From the beginning, our founders decided to refer to the people they serve as guests instead of clients.  Their choice of the word “guest” has been the underpinning of our philosophy, which is one of loving service, the belief that everyone has value, and no one is a lost cause.

How We Are Different

Brother Benno’s is committed to operating with a very minimum amount of paid staff to accomplish our Mission and to enlist the greatest number of volunteers to help with the same goal.

Our Board of Directors is a “working” board and receives no compensation.  We do not hire anyone to raise funds.  Fund raising is carried out by our volunteers, therefore your donations to Brother Benno’s are not eroded by overhead, administrative, and fundraising costs.

Volunteers play a key a role.  Each month, over 200 individuals offer their time to carry out important jobs in accomplishing our mission.  Over 90% of our funding comes from private donations, grants, and bequests.  Our intention is never to rely on government funding to accomplish our mission.

Brother Benno’s wide base of support within the community continues to grow year after year.  We are grateful to the thousands of people who express their support of our work with donations of food, clothes, thrift shop items, time and labor, and of course financial contributions.  Without them we would cease to exist. Donate to the Brother Benno Center Today.

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